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 706Th Nutty Blocc Crips

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706th Nutty Blocc Crips,The Nutty are a primarily, but not exclusively, African-American gang. They were founded in Los Angeles, California, in 1969 mainly. What was once a single alliance between two autonomous gangs is now a loosely connected network of individualsets, often engaged in open warfare with one another. The Nutty are one of the largest and most violent associations of street gangs in the United States, with an estimated 30,000 to 35,000 members. The gang is known to be involved in murders, robberies, and drug dealing, among many other criminal pursuits. The gang is known for its gang members' use of the color blue in their clothing. However, this practice has waned due to police crackdowns on gang members. Nutty are publicly known to have an intense and bitter rivalry with the Bloods. Nutty have been documented in the U.S Military, found in bases in the United States and abroad.
New Era

706th Nutty Blocc Crips was once considered to be a sub-set of the infamous Ryder Blocc, a gang who was said to be one of the most violent of Los Santos's Crip sets during time of it's activity, that they eventually branched off from being just a sub-set of Leader Blocc and within themselves created their own codes of conduct and functions. The gang is said to still pledge allegiance to the Leader Card, and carry the numbers "706" (numeral code of Leader Blocc) in front their set.

Since then, Genzano intended to persuade Marcus and Michael to build a Nutty gang. 706th Nutty Blocc Crips has over tens who joined the gang, They can consist of young men or young women. Marcus and Michael were young who became O.G on the gang. They had just turned 20 years old, they became fierce, maglignant, and will begin to destroy slobs gangs (rival gang in old era).

OOC Section

How to Join ? if you want to join so easy just follow the terms below
1. You have to know what an American gangster
2.Do no a be player Ritard
3.Do not commit server violations or break rules often
4.We will not accept player faction jump
5. If you want to join do ICly

1. If you have joined us, you must be ready CK
2. Understand rules server
3. Use your main character
4.Respect your fellow member and your O.G
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706Th Nutty Blocc Crips
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